Why Replace Your Windows?

There are many reasons to replace your windows including increased home value, more functionality, increased home efficiency, increased comfort, more light and others.

Air Infiltration

Most windows, even most new ones, have poor air infiltration ratings. Most existing windows are over 0.70 CFM of air per square foot of window per minute and the industry standard for new windows is 0.30. Our Restorations double hung windows have a 0.02 rating and the casement windows have a 0.01. That’s a zero before the 1!

For comparison, Pella Designer series double hung windows only have a 0.30 air infiltration rating! New premium windows significantly increase the tightness of your home and keep your heated or cooled air inside where it belongs.

A Better Return On Investment (ROI)

A recent report from the National Association of Realtors showed that new vinyl windows offered a 79% ROI vs only 57% for wood windows. With that increase in home value it will only take a few years of energy savings to recoup your investment!

A Window You Want to Use

A lot of existing windows are difficult to operate and that keeps you from opening them! Most people just treat their windows as picture windows and never open them but with our smoothly operating casement and block-and-tackle balance in our double hung windows you’ll want to open them whenever the weather allows!

More Comfort for Your Home

Between better air infiltration and best in the industry low-e coatings, our windows will drastically improve the comfort of warm and cold spots in your home. With our full frame install we can fully insulate and seal the entire window opening! Most of our feedback is related to the obvious comfort improvement of our windows!

A Window You Can See Through

Dirty windows can make your house feel dirty and dark. Our Neat Glass coating on the window exterior uses the sun’s energy to break down dirt and allow it to wash off easily when it rains; keeping your windows cleaner so you can see outside better and get more light into your home!