Why PVC Is Best

As experts in the field, we recommend PVC windows for the following reasons:



PVC can be welded in the corners preventing air infiltration through the frame. Fiberglass, wood and aluminum window frames can only be mechanically fastened.

Increased Efficiency

PVC is more efficient than wood and vastly more efficient than aluminum. Our Restorations PVC windows are insulated with the same foam that’s in your refrigerator! The R-value (higher number is better) of our Restorations insulated uPVC window frame is 7.14, compared to 1.25 for wood and <0.10 for aluminum window frames.

Better Cost-Benefit Ratio

PVC windows have a good Cost-Benefit ratio. Wood and aluminum window frames are much more expensive to make and produce. With the initial cost being lower and the long-term savings it’s a no brainer to choose PVC over wood!

Low Maintenance 

PVC is low maintenance. If you have ever had to scrape and repaint or replace the glazing on wood windows you’ll appreciate the weather resistance of a PVC window! Most of the time all you’ll need to do is wipe them down with a wet washcloth to clean them. No wood rot, no repainting.


PVC is durable. Modern wood windows are clad with aluminum to protect the wood from the weather. The downside of that cladding is that it hides wood-rot until the warranty has expired and you’re stuck with buying a new window! That’s why premium PVC windows come with lifetime warranties while wood and aluminum windows do not. Our Restorations window even comes with a labor warranty so you won’t have to pay a penny in the rare circumstance you need a window repaired.

Earth Friendly

PVC is 100% Recyclable and uses considerably less resources to manufacture. PVC content can be recycled at least 7 times!