Frequently Asked Questions

What brands of windows do you install?

We can get many brands of windows. Some of our favorites are Sunrise, Target and Simonton. We also have great prices on Pella, Vinylmax, Heartland, MI, Jeld-Wen and many more. We have a window that fits your needs. Contact us with any questions!

Do you offer financing?

YES! Call or contact us for more information! 

Do you only replace entire houses?

No! We often replace one or two windows at a time.

Do you work with investors?

Yes! We have excellent options for rental and flip properties. Our windows have excellent warranties and we service those warranties with urgency. The warranties are transferable so you can use that as an additional selling point! Call or contact us for more information!

Do you do window repairs?

Yes! If you’re having trouble with anything window or door related give us a Call or contact us and we’ll help you out any way we can.

Do you work with Realtors?

Yes! We have zero-down payment options if you need to freshen up the front of a house or replace a couple windows and wait to pay till after closing. 

Why don’t you cap windows?

Capping covers up problems or hides future problems from sight. If the caulking fails, your trim and siding could be rotting behind the capping without you knowing about it. The nails that are used to hold it on will also work loose over time and no longer be securely holding the capping on.

If the install doesn’t require a full frame replacement and your existing trim is in good condition; we recommend a high quality prep, prime and paint. This will keep the original look of your home’s exterior and allow you to keep an eye on maintenance for the long haul. If it’s in poor condition or you have rotting trim we recommend replacing the entire window so we can inspect the framing and make sure there aren’t any structural issues from insects or water infiltration. This is also the best option for energy efficiency and longevity of your home.